Virtual and dedicated servers to host your projects

Instant access • Excellent connectivity • Equipment in Russia and CIS

  • Reliability

    Certified Tier III data centers

  • A wide range of available servers

    500+ configurations, upgrade options

  • Outstanding speed

    Up to 10 Gbps services

  • Resilience

    Active/Backup link aggregation

  • Multilingual tech support

    Our experts are ready to assist 24/7

  • DDoS protection

    Optional server protection features

  • ispmanager

    Easy-to-use comprehensive control panel for virtual and dedicated servers

Choose the perfect server for your project

Our hosting benefits

  • Lower costs

    No need to expand your team or buy, maintain, and upgrade equipment.

  • Data security

    Reliable infrastructure for secure data storage.

  • Better resilience

    All servers have a backup link that instantly switches over in case of failure.

Technical features

  • Control

    • Convenient ISPmanager panel
    • Continuous access to IPMI
    • 24/7 tech support

  • Network capabilities

    • Each server supports IPv4 and IPv6
    • 200 Mbps guaranteed speed
    • Dedicated server subnet aggregation

  • Extra features

    • SSL certificates
    • BGP and IP announcements
    • LACP bonding

Available locations


Saint Petersburg



Hosting for any industry

  • Online retail

    Powerful servers speed up your online marketplaces and process your transactions.

  • Education

    Host your projects online and edit educational content remotely.

  • Gaming

    Faster game rendering.

  • Media

    Faster video processing, large content storage.

  • FinTech

    Analyze financial risk, process transactions, and work with big data.

  • SaaS

    Host your software as close to your users as possible.

Can't find the right solution for you?

We're happy to offer customized terms. Submit a request, and we'll get in touch.


What is a dedicated server?

It is a physical server that only you rent and use at your discretion. You can store large amounts of data, run resource-intensive, high-traffic applications, and sensitive projects.

What is a virtual server?

It is a containerized portion of the physical server assigned to a customer. It operates as a single computer. This is a less powerful option compared to a dedicated server. It is suitable for small projects with low resource requirements.

Can the servers be upgraded?

Yes. For virtual servers, just change the configuration and subscription plan. Note that the memory sizes and the number of vCPUs cannot be increased. For a dedicated server, you can enhance some properties such as add two more 10 Gbps ports, RAM, HDD, SSD, and RAID. To learn more about the upgrade options, please contact us at

Powerful virtual and dedicated servers for any projects